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Topic Icon Hiddenleaf of LightClan

Post by Savy on Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:19 pm

Hiddenleaf of LightClan Tortis10

Basic Information

Name: Hiddenleaf
Age: 27 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan: LightClan
Rank: Warrior
Breed: Mutt

Family Information

Mother: Snowfoot
Father: Coldfur
Younger Siblings: 
Crush: Lightstar
Bloodline: (100% Rogue)
Scent: Peppermint

Appearance and Personality Information

Appearance: Hiddenleaf is quite large for a she-cat even with still being only a young warrior. Her father is a large Maine Coon, her mother is a Russian Blue American Curl mix. Since her father was quite large and her mother was more of a medium size, she inherited more of the Maine Coon from her father. Even now, she is nearly as large as her father in size.
Her fur is medium length. It is also neither thin, nor thick, so in warm weather, she can stay cool and in cold weather, she can stay warm enough. It is also really soft and she hates having stuff get stuck in it, so she keeps it clean.
Hiddenleaf is a calico. Her fur consists of brown tabby, a ginger tabby, black, and white. Her coat is mostly made up of brown tabby, with black patches, ginger patches along her back and on her face, and white on her stomach, back legs and paws, front paws, chest, throat, and muzzle. She also has a small spot on her nose and between her eyes.
Speaking of her eyes, they are somewhat odd. Since kittens start out with blue eyes, hers still have some of them. One of her eyes is a beautiful amber and the

Personality: Overall, Hiddenleaf is a friendly, confident cat. She always vows to never give up, no matter what, but this usually leads to her getting into situations that she doesn't really need to be in. This she-cat often gets way ahead of herself in everything she does and most often has to be rescued out of certain situations. She will do anything for a clanmate in need, no matter how risky the situation might be. She is very overconfident in everything she does, usually resulting in her getting in way over her head. I suppose it's like the saying "biting off much more than you can chew," or "your eyes are bigger than your stomach." Being a very friendly cat, she is often seen giving advice to the apprentices and helping them with their training. She even gives advice to others that need it and doesn't ever expect anything in return. She can have a stern tongue, but mostly uses it against those that either never work or always give up. Others often consult with her when they need someone to vent to, as they know that she would never tell anyone else. She's very trustworthy, believing firmly in the fact that those who gossip and tell other cat's personal business should have their tongue cut off. At least, that's always what her mother told her. Hiddenleaf often doesn't understand why her training methods are seemed "stupid" by others. Hiddenleaf invented her own style of fighting, which is much different from the normal fighting styles of Lightclan. Other warriors of the clan look at her as different and weird, because she trains much differently than the others. She is easily a strong opponent for even the fastest WhisperClan cats. Using her lithe shape and sheer speed to overcome her enemies, she knocks her opponents off their paws before attacking them with her razor-sharp claws. Therefore, she has to train much differently than the rest of the clan. Every morning she runs at least one lap around the territory and does another if she has more energy. Even after pushing herself to her limits, she still does all of her camp duties no matter what. However, she is terrible at hunting. Hiddenleaf is very clumsy when it comes to stalking prey, and more than often rushes in to pounce much too early. She can occasionally catch fast prey such as birds, squirrels, and rabbits. The she-cat has found that she can climb trees with ease, and puts this to her advantage by jumping from branch to branch, tree to tree. This becomes useful whether she's stalking prey, setting up a surprise attack on enemies, or just plain messing around. She can most often be found out in the forest, high up in the trees during her free time. Hiddenleaf hates to be looked at as different and knows she's just as good as any other warrior. She often surprises others with her strength and knowledge and will make an excellent mentor. The she-cat is still clueless about her heritage, even though she knows that others often mistake her for a WhisperClan cat at gatherings.

History and Relationships

History: Hiddenleaf's mother, named Snowfoot, was a rather pretty she-cat. Many toms sought after her affection, and her first moons as a warrior were as if she were floating on clouds. However, fate is not always kind. After seeing her sister die right in front of her eyes in a terrible accident, Snowfoot began to change. Not only had the shock and grief took over her life, but she began to have terrible nightmares. As a result, she began to become very depressed and sad. The she-cat would often spend her time sitting alone and pondering her life, or grieving where her sister had been buried. As a result, the toms that had once sought after her began to lose interest. They thought she was going crazy. Snowfoot watched her life fall apart right in front of her eyes, and couldn't do anything to stop it. Soon, it all became too much for the poor she-cat. One day she slipped away from camp and decided she was going to commit suicide. She made her way to the frozen lake, making sure not to be seen. It just so happened that a young tom by the name of Cloudfur had been coming that way, running away from WhisperClan's camp. Cloudfur had decided to leave WhisperClan because he felt he wasn't being appreciated enough, and ran away when nobody was looking. As he made his way to his destination, he came across Snowfoot who was getting ready to jump into the lake. Without a moment's thought, the tom pushed the pretty she-cat away from the water, saving her life and snapping her back into reality. Snowfoot thanked Cloudfur many times over and over, and couldn't think of how to repay him. It was almost instantly that the two fell in love. They began to meet each other every day, no matter the weather. They were soon mates. Because Cloudfur did not live with WhisperClan anymore, he decided to make a home out of the territory just outside of Lightclan's, where he could be close to Snowfoot yet stay out of clan territory without being suspected of anything. It was only natural that the two were soon expecting kits. Snowfoot begged Cloudfur to come live with her in Lightclan and start a family together, but the tom had to leave his mate's question unanswered. He knew that he couldn't bring himself to go back to the clans after running away from WhisperClan. So one night after Snowfoot left back to camp, Cloudfur left and ran away, not wanting to confront his mate again with the shame burning in his heart. When Snowfoot went the next day to go see him, all she found was her mate's stale scent. He had left for good. She waited for days, but he never came back. Even though the she-cat was heartbroken by her mate's disappearance, she pushed through the pain and gave birth to a lone she-kit a few moons later. The kit looked almost exactly like Cloudfur. Even though Snowfoot never told anyone who her kit's father was, it was obvious that the kit had WhisperClan blood in her. In the shame of having a forbidden love, the she-cat named her kit Hiddenkit, only her knowing about the "hidden" love she once had. Nonetheless, Hiddenkit grew up well, never seeming to notice that she never had a father around. 

When she was apprenticed, it was then that Lightclan realized that Hiddenpaw could not possibly be full Lightclan. The black and white she-cat ran up to speeds and had the skills that only a WhisperClan cat could have, but no one ever said anything to her. At least, not to her face. Hiddenpaw's mentor quickly discovered that the young she-cat would never be very good at hunting. She was always too early to pounce when stalking, and always seemed to step on every twig in the forest when trying to be quiet. However, she excelled in fighting. She learned every fighting move her mentor could teach with ease and ended up creating her own style of fighting. Instead of using brute strength, like most Lightclan cats would use, Hiddenpaw began to use her lithe body and great speeds to her advantage. Somehow she managed to pass her hunting exams to become a warrior and was able to receive her warrior name, Hiddenleaf, given to her for the way that she battles like a leaf flowing in the breeze.


Crush: Lightstar
Love: Lightstar
Best friend: 

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Post by Lightheart on Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:25 pm


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