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Duskshade of LightClan

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Topic Icon Duskshade of LightClan

Post by Savy on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:56 pm

Name: Duskshade
Past names: Duskpaw, Duskkit
Age: 40 moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Senior Warrior
Mentor: Ghostclaw
Apprentice: Open

Appearance: A large dark brown american short hair, with a white splash on his chest. Duskshade has one of the largest builds of the cats in SplashClan. He is hefty which can sometimes to a hindering characteristic. Being so large makes his paws powerful but he loses some of the balance he might have had. Duskshade is dark as the night with grayer tabby stripes, his pink nose is flecked by one black spot. His eyes are the color of honey, though it does not sweeten his personality. His claws are black and glint in the light, he is a polydactyl which means he has six toes on his front paws. This gives him an extra two claws. With a long wisp of a tail, amd his sleek shiny coat, Duskshade is one of the more attractive toms in the clan, though he does not show a preference- yet- he is still an eligible bachelor. 

Personailty: He is a level headed tom, though he is stern he will not be harsh on any cat for no reason, he is a good mentor and can teach many cats very effectively. He enjoys fishing for his clan, because his clan comes first before everything. He has no mate at the time, but is not closed off to the idea, Duskshade is not afraid of battle, but he will not force his clan into it either, if there is a battle to be fought, there must be sufficient reason. He wishes to become deputy and some day leader, until then, he must cope with what he has, he is not overly ambitious, but he has his goals straight, Duskshade is a trustworthy cat that anyone can rely on.

History: Duskshade was the only kit in the littler that survived, he was small back then but he still had the heart of a warrior, when he was apprenticed, he got into mischief like any apprentice would and made his mentor crazy! He was a lively young tom, always doing the best for his clan, and he always wanted to become leader. When his mother died, he was a new warrior and he was devastated, but the tragedy only made him stronger, He perked back up and was off fighting for his clan and feeding it, he always was the catch of the clan, everyone admired him, but he never boasted. He loves his clan mates and will do anything for them. As the harsher seasons swept through he was sometimes the only warrior who would brave the snow drifts to try and find food for the elders and queens. It was difficult but he persevered and made sure the clan survived. He came up with new hunting techniques to catch more land prey. His popularity has brought him far in clan life and he can now proudly call himself a senior warrior

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Topic Icon Re: Duskshade of LightClan

Post by Lightheart on Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:27 pm


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