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Honeytongue of Shadeclan

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Topic Icon Honeytongue of Shadeclan

Post by Wyrd on Wed May 30, 2018 5:23 pm


"I don't want to be your secret" 

Name: Honeytongue

Past Names: Honeykit, Honeypaw

Clan: Shadeclan

Age:27 moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Medicine Cat

Neutral: "I'd hope to be on good terms with my clanmates!"

Hate: --

Love: --

Crush: "Oh, jeez, I can't tell you! I don't think I'm supposed to have crushes or anything either..."

Mate: --

Respect: "I really look up to Shadestar! It's admirable how much she cares for her clan."

Mentor: Lavandergaze

Apprentice: Open

Appearance: Honeytongue is a lean she-cat with a medium length pelt that tends to bush out when she's stressed. The base color is a dark honey and there are darker markings along her spine and legs. She seems to always smell of honey and lavender.

Personality: Like her name suggests Honeytongue has always had a talent for talk. Her voice always seemed to carry a convincing weight to it, especially as she grew older to fit it. Oftentimes she finds herself so caught up in a crush that it distracts her for days, and the object of her affections will end up finding flowers in their nest, of course, she's never acted on any, too afraid of putting her station at risk with no successor. 

History: Honeytongue was born an only kit, her parents were kind but seemed distant throughout her early life. When she was apprenticed to Lavandergaze it became one of the best days of her life. As an apprentice, Honeytongue took well to memorization and became a calming presence in the den compared to Lavandergaze's more stern attitude. A few moons before sickness took her mentor she was given her position as a full Medicine Cat and has attended to her duties with steadfast dedication and a soothing voice.

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Topic Icon Re: Honeytongue of Shadeclan

Post by Lightheart on Wed May 30, 2018 5:30 pm


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