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Dovefeather of WhisperClan

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Topic Icon Dovefeather of WhisperClan

Post by Savy on Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:03 pm

Name: Dovefeather
Past names: Dovepaw, Dovekit
Age: 15 moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Mentor: Jaysong
Apprentice: Open

Appearance: Dovefeather is a very pretty she cat. Her pelt is a pale gray with darker gray stripes. Her fur is very soft and usually groomed neatly against her frame. She has light green eyes. Her ears are on the smaller side, but are very sensitive and pick up sounds easily from far away. Her fur is very thin and short, which usually doesn't thicken out when the weather gets colder. Her claws are long and thorn like. Because she is young, her teeth have not quite yet been stained by the fresh kill she eats, leaving them a white color with a faded glow of yellow. She has a slender build with long legs and large paws. She has long whiskers and a pink nose. She currently has no scars, but that could change in the future. She has a white furred chest and underbelly and all four white paws and tail tip.

Personailty: Dovefeather is very outgoing. She loves adventures and being out of camp to explore the forest around her. She manages to bring out the good in other cats and doesn't take 'I can't' for an answer. She believes that everyone has good in them, even if you have to dig deeper into their personalities to find it. She absolutely adores kits and passing down what she knows to other cats. Being out in the forest sends her into a kit-like frenzy where she is bouncy, playful, and just wants to move around. She's usually a happy-go- lucky cat, although every cat has it's days. Dovefeather has a high belief in Starclan and is locked onto the warrior code. She believes that the warrior code is a way of life and should not be broken under any circumstances. She despises kitty pets or cats that rely on twoleg food or comfort as a way of life. Although she does have respect to the other Clans, as long as they keep to their own borders. Her voice is soft and gentle, kind of like how a mother would soothe a kit. It does harden when she's angry and means to be taken seriously. She has good skills to some day be a leader or deputy because she believes that every obstacle can be overcome as long as they give it a chance. She has a habit of cocking her head and flicking her ears when she waits for a response or is confused. She has a very teasing side. One of her favorite things is to sprawl out on her back and allow the sun to warm her white underbelly.She was raised by her mother and father who both believed in finding the good in everything that seems bad, and to look to the brighter side of things. They always taught her that if something is wrong, allow Starclan to deal with it, if they don't take the matters into your own paws. She also has a high fear of thunder.

History: Dovefeather's littermates were her sister Ivypelt (a white she cat) and brother Sparrowwing (a tabby tom). Her mother's name was Specklefur and father Barktail. Her father was like a second mentor to her after her mother died of green cough soon after her and her siblings apprentice ceremony. He taught her right from wrong and always to do her best. Sparrowwing had been by his sisters side through most of the training sessions and they had sat together during their vigils after their warrior ceremonies. Ivypelt never paid any attention to her sister, so they never formed a good bond. Ivypelt had died after being struck by a monster, fleeing from Windclan cats. Through her mothers and sisters deaths, it built a stronger relationship between her, Sparrowwing, and Barktail. She had always been a very loving and kit like cat. She has a personality just like her fathers.

(Also I know All my auditions are different lengths and written different ways, I just probably got lazy or wanted to finish it soon)

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Topic Icon Re: Dovefeather of WhisperClan

Post by Lightheart on Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:33 pm

Accepted! (I'm trying to get caught up in the auditions)

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