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Topic Icon Birchdusk of WhisperClan

Post by Lynx on Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:00 am

Name: Birchdusk

Past names: Birch

Clan: WhisperClan

Age: 27 moons

Gender: She-cat

Rank: Warrior

Neutral: Sootleg, Dovefeather

Hate: Incompetent cats

Love: Ember and Poppy

Crush: Currently Birchdusk has no crush

Mate: None

Respect: Whisperstar, Briarsong, Dovefeather, Sootleg, elders, senior warriors, queens

Mentor: Briarsong

Apprentice: Open

Birchdusk of WhisperClan Agouti-cat-tabby
A brown tabby she-cat with dull yellow eyes. Her nose is russet, with a line of black near the top. Some of her tabby stripes appear almost black against her fur. Personally, Birchdusk doesn't think very highly of her appearance, finding herself rather plain. But then again, warriors weren't made to look pretty.

Personalilty: A woman of action, a debater, a leader, always ready to challenge the current way of thing. Bold, opinionated, not afraid to take the spotlight. Has foresight and caution, can read a situation in a second and come up with a conclusion. Her mind is a sharp, able one, and she’s quick to see problems and solutions and work through a situation logically. Frank, decisive, not afraid to speak her mind. Imposes order, tries to come up with the most efficient plan of actions. Sassy, fearless, can come across as bossy. Can be rude, harsh, and insensitive to other's feelings. Has a prickly tongue and is easily angered. Sharp tongue paired with even sharper wit can lead to some biting words. Can come across as slightly arrogant and picks and chooses which information should be shared with others. Can come across as standoffish at times. Is secretly very sensitive to criticism and doesn't understand social interaction. Good at covering up feelings and wearing masks. Has a hard time connecting with others. Has trust issues.

History: Birchdusk was born on a chilly leaf-bare evening when the forest hid under a coat of darkness. Birch was born to two loners deep within the forest. Her father was awkward with kits but well meaning, and his fumbles never ceased to make his small daughter laugh. She was the only kit of her litter, but made up for the lack of others with a big personality. Her boldness and willingness to debate was with her from the start.

Birch grew quickly. As she began to learn the basics of hunting and fighting, the loner kit learned that she was a skilled hunter. Fighting was more difficult for her, but under her father’s tutelage she began to feel confident that she could protect herself from the dangers of the world. Her mother found herself pregnant with her second litter and the small family was delighted that they would grow. When the time came, Birch was blessed with two sisters, Ember and Poppy. Birch took the role of the protective elder sister, something she found herself quite good at. 

Birch’s mother and father were quite high ranking in the loose group of loners they resided with. Their father was often consulted with for important decisions and such. Due to this, the sisters were given many opportunities to meet with cats they otherwise wouldn’t have.

The sisters were practically inseparable, and Birch loved her sisters more than anything. They grew into adulthood, something that suited the trio well. Her sisters had to have been the most beautiful she-cats in the forest, and Birch was certain everyone knew it.

The moment Alder walked into her life, Birch knew she was screwed. She was the first to meet him, and it didn’t take long for Birch to fall head over heels for the only cat who had ever kept up with her mentally. Many cats just wanted to take her as a mate for status, something she was resigned to, but Alder was different. He’d built himself from the ground up and didn’t care about status. But Birch’s difficulty trusting others and cynical nature made her hesitate just a moment to long-

The moment when Ember fell for him too.

In an instant, Birch made a choice and watched Ember and Alder live off their fairy tale life while blinking away the tears. The unrequited love was agony, but Birch coped.

The fox was a beast beyond description, and he tore Birch’s life to shreds. Poppy was wounded before she fled into the woods to get help. The battle was long and arduous, and in the end the beast murdered her mother and father. Birch attacked the beast in a fit of rage and nearly died for her efforts, but managed to give the beast some nasty wounds of his own. The last thing Birch was aware of was wondering if this is what dying felt like before she passed out.

Birch would wake up being tended for by Twolegs. She was quite frustrated and lashed out at them, wanting nothing more than to go home and mourn for the death of her family. When she had healed, she would be taken home with a Twoleg. Once she was well enough to leave, she slipped out in the night. She had a feeling her temporary owner would understand.

Birch found her sisters. After a tearful reunion, the trio spent a night like they used to as foolish young cats, all night out up to mischief. In the end, they parted ways on friendly term. Birch would encounter Whisper, a rogue who wanted something more. Birch would ask to be made a member of WhisperClan. She would be rewarded the name Birchdusk, a title she bore with pride.

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Topic Icon Re: Birchdusk of WhisperClan

Post by Lightheart on Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:43 pm

Welcome to WhisperClan!

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