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Shuck the Rouge

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Topic Icon Shuck the Rouge

Post by Wyrd on Thu May 24, 2018 4:54 pm


"If you want it done best, ask me to do it." 


Past Names: --

Clan: None

Age: 30 moons

Gender: female

Rank: Rouge

Neutral: "Well I hunt wherever I please so you could call it a relationship with the land."

Hate:"I don't feel strongly enough about anyone to hate them. But I do have a marked distaste for the clans I'll tell you that."

Love: "Love's a liability, and I wouldn't tell you anyways"

Crush: "You think I have the time for that?"

Mate: "I'm as single as the moon kitten."

Respect: "I'll respect whoever works for it"

Mentor: Self-taught

Apprentice: --

Appearance: Shuck has an unusually thin build for a cat, making her the best candidate for slipping between cracks in fences and through heavy undergrowth. With her mostly black pelt, she was almost made to sneak around, a gift she uses to its full potential.

Personality: Shuck is a cold and cunning cat, a city-slicker who's made a name for herself among the rouges in the forest. While she isn't a strong fighter she prefers to slip by unseen and use her quicksilver tongue to get out of scuffles. Make no mistake though, she's seen her fair share of scuffles and isn't afraid of throwing down.

History: Shuck was raised a resourceful street cat, who always detested her peers for just settling for the scraps provided by the twolegs. So, when she turned 20 moons, the cat set off to make a name for herself in the forest where there would surely be plenty. When the clans supported she greatly resented their presence in the forest as they restricted her freedom. Despite the presence of the borders she still hunts where she wants, disguising her own scent with mud and rolling in border markers.

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Topic Icon Re: Shuck the Rouge

Post by Lightheart on Thu May 24, 2018 5:04 pm


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