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Post by Silencefire on Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:23 pm

Name: Silencefire
Past names: Silence
Clan: None/Rogue
Rank: None/Rogue
Age: twelve moons
Gender: Female.

Harsh, cruel, bitter anything of the above and more. Silencefire's personality matches her name quite perfectly. She is sharp-tongued, strongly witted and despises anything weak or soft. Silencefire has been like this for as long as she can remember so pretty much her whole life. She has a quick temper and with more times then not let her actions overrule and will attack rather then talk.  She doesn't have a sweet bone in her body and her heart is as cold and icy as the striking white coat that covers her body.  She is not a nice cat and will kill if she has to, she hates speaking to others and prefers to be on her own

Silencefire is a runt which causes her to look much younger then she is. Silence was born the smallest in the litter with a pelt that sticks out like a sore thumb and the bluest of eyes. She has a small, lithe frame, a long tail, and small dainty paws. She has a sharply pointed muzzle with long whiskers. Her fur is medium-ish length giving her a fluffier look in the winter.  A long deep scar runs from her lower jaw under her chin and she has a nicked ear as well as a scar on her shoulder.

Mother: Whisperingyowl {deceased}
Father: Thorn {Alive, whereabouts unknown}
Siblings: Mimic, Talon, Mouse. {all deceased} 

History: (history is done as if Silencefire is telling the story herself)
Life can be tragic if you let the small things get to you but then again some may take life in strides and take little notice of the tragic things that happen to them. Life can make or break you, it can make you bitter or it can make you a kind and loving person.

Or... You could be like me and hate everything that the sun touches. I am not loving but neither am I bitter..  I have accepted what my life was and is and do not regret what happened because no matter how I look at it, I am stronger for every twist and turn, every obstacle that I have jumped, every heartache and lonely feeling, I was made stronger and more resistant to pain and sorrow.

I was born to two rogues. My father went by the name of Thorn while my mother was named Whisperingyowl, both were cats that had the same ideals, the same wants, the same everything...  I was born to a litter of four, I was the last to be born.  I was born with stark white fur as well as considerably smaller then the other three, I was considered a 'weak link' something that had no right to live but my mother insisted on seeing if I would grow to say that sometimes the smallest kit could always be the biggest in the end.

It was a full moon before any of us were named and besides my mother's first protests and claims, I remained the smallest and the weakest.  My siblings were given names that meant they would live on and live with strength, Talon, Mimic, and Mouse.  I... I was given the name Silence for I was marked for death from the moment I entered the world.  My mother fed me like she did the others but did not show the same love as she did for the others.  My littermates were afraid to play with for fear they might be marked by the shadow of death.  Now while my mother never showed me kindness she wasn't mean to me either not like my father who hated me with every fiber of his being.

He was cruel and would hiss and snarl at me if I came near him or the others or just out of pure cruelty and so I spent my time alone and teaching myself things.  At the age of three moons, Mouse passed away from starvation and my parents watched me with accusing glares as if I had caused her death and hunger. At the age of five moons, the vicious attacks began, thinking I had lived long enough and 'mooched' of my parents long enough my father made several attempts to end my wretched life and how I wished he had succeeded in those times before now...

It wasn't until I was six moons old that my father made a plan to kill me without putting my blood on his paws. Luring a badger to our sleeping place made my father's plan backfire and ended up with his beloved mate and two healthy kits being killed by the lumbering beast. Out of anger, he made a move to kill me, leaving nasty scars a kit shouldn't bare scored across my face and shoulder.

Fear running through my veins I slipped from his grasp and fled. I ran and ran and ran as fast as I could go, as fast as my legs would carry me. Blinded by the pain I ran clear into a different territory.  I was alone.. No, I had always been alone.. I was free, free of the accusing stares. Away from being fearful and hated and cursed.. I got away with my life but deep within I felt a deep hatred bubbling deep in my gut. HOW I ask you, could a kit feel so much anger, so much hatred! 

As I lived my life I only became more and more hateful, more and more angry with life and what I had been dealt. I hissed and snarled and challenged every cat that came my way and most would laugh or watch me with such sadness in their eyes that only made me angrier. and then I met her, a she who seemed immune to my threats, my lashing out...

I suppose you could say she was my friend. She told me of a different kind of world. She told me of Starclan and how they watched over us and even to this day I still scoff at the idea, STARRY CATS! Pshaa!  She told me of clans and how they were run and at first I scoffed at her attempts to get me to join but eventually, I did. It was the first clan I was in, a clan that is now destroyed... Along with my friend. There I was taught how to fight and how to use my size to my advantage and while my size had never bothered me before I could not use it if the time ever came. It was in this clan that I had also become a warrior, given the name Silencefire and it is also where I found my first mate and had a litter of kits all of who died when the clan was destroyed...

I cursed the clan's 'Starclan' if there were such cats they were cruel and heartless, even more so then Thorn. I hated them, I was broken and these 'cats' I could not see had broken me. Tell me, how can one fight something they cannot see? In my moons alone I killed many a cats and felt nothing.. The thought of watching a life slip away under my claws thrilled me and sent shivers down my spine.. I was becoming a monster... All because of something that had happened in a lifetime before.

But like always, life goes on. It brings in different seasons and different trials. Moons past and seasons went by before I dared go from my territory that I had laid claim to. But one grows bored when they all they have to do is hunt, eat and sleep and so I moved on and that was when I met Ignitingflame, a tom cat from a clan. We fought, claws out and teeth snapping and when he finally had me pinned I watched him with defiance, even like this I would fight! I would never let some foolish, mouse brained, star-gazing cat kill me without trouble. He just laughed and out of annoyance I hissed and scrambled out from his grasp and glared at him. He told me his name and that he was a warrior of the clan that owned the territory I had 'treaded' on. 

Oh joy, another clan! I had thought with anger raging inside of me. He told me that his clan would welcome me if I wanted to join and then it was my turn to laugh. He was foolish, a cat could get along so much better on her own then with a bunch of pebble for brained cats who followed the word of dead cats for a living. 

A moon past and I met him again, that moon had been hard and I was starving. I still wasn't ready to give up my freedom but he told me that I was welcome to leave any time and so I joined and soon I began to love the foolish tom but was weary of it because of what had happened the tme before.  After a full moon of being in the clan  I accepted him as my mate and two moons after that I had a litter of darling little kits who only lived for a short time

Funny how things repeat themselves... Funny how numb one becomes. I was never meant to love or be loved or to be a mother. I was never meant to have cats by my side nor did I want them then or now. My life in the clan with Ignitingflame was short lived, lasting only four seasons and then that clan too was destroyed along with everything I thought I loved, including my mate.

I was alone again. I was not bitter nor was I angry. It had happened again and probably would repeat itself over and over like a bad nightmare. I was a rogue once more, what I had been born as I would die and how I had lived, alone while fighting those who tried to get close was how i was going to die and then one day that nightmare from what seemed four life times ago reared it's ugly head  when I caught the scent of a cat from my kithood.. A terrible scent, a scent that made my blood curdle.. My father's scent. He was alive and he was nearby, that same feeling I had felt so long ago, that feeling I had become numb to surfaced and blinded me. I was angry and I was ready to defend my life, even ready to kill him.

But that was the only time I had caught his scent and my life went on.. 
As I have said before, life is what you make of it BUT be warned, your life may not always be in your paws it might wind up in someone else's claws..
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Post by Lightheart on Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:14 pm


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