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Deputies and Medicine Cats/Apprentices

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Topic Icon Deputies and Medicine Cats/Apprentices

Post by Lightheart on Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:17 pm

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Deputies and Medicine Cats/Apprentices
~Rules and Terms~
Before you can become a deputy, you must have permission from the leader of the particular clan you choose. However, if you already have permission beforehand, then you can start immediately. Deputies CAN set out portals, but again they must have permission from the clan leader. Deputies CANNOT make meetings or make big decisions. When or if a deputy dies, this means either the leader can choose or (and more rarely) Starclan can choose. 

Medicine Cats
Again, same with the Deputies, Medicine Cats MUST ask the clan leader before becoming a Medicine cat. You have to know about herbs before asking. You need to know how to heal your clan mate as well and be able to get dreams from Starclan. Medicine Cats, unfortunately, can not have kittens. Medicine cats may choose their apprentices. 

Medicine Apprentices
Medicine Apprentices are chosen by the medicine cats. They train by their mentor just as apprentices would be trained by warriors. They will be the new medicine cat if the medicine cat dies or retires.
You may NOT have more than one high rank (Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat, etc) and you may only have one high rank.



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