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Robinkit of SplashClan

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Topic Icon Robinkit of SplashClan

Post by Savy on Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:05 pm

Robinkit of SplashClan White-10

Basic Information

Name: Robinkit
Age: 2 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan: SplashClan
Rank: Kit
Breed: Scottish Fold

Family Information

Mother: Skyfall
Father: Blizzardfrost
Siblings: Wrenkit, Tom. Thrushkit, Tom. Ospreykit, Tom.
Younger Siblings: 
Scent: Pine

Appearance and Personality Information

Appearance: Robinkit is a little scrap of fur that has almost uncontrollable fur. She is a pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes. She resembles her mother a great deal more than her father, even having her eyes. Robinkit didn't really receive anything from her father (it seems) when it comes to her appearance. She isn't the spitting image of her mother, but comes quite close. 

Personality: Since her accident, Robinkit is very withdrawn. She doesn't want to be around anyone but her best friend/Ospreykit. Others can ask her to play, and she will just stare. She doesn't understand what is going on anymore. The little kit is the exact opposite of what she once was. She will go out of her way to keep her distance from Wrenkit, she is now afraid of him. When she does want to move around (or is forced to), she won't go far. If other cats come into the nursery she will shrink back and hide in her mother's fur. Another new thing is she won't talk. She can't remember how to say the words so she had decided just to stay silent. It is unknown how long she will be like this.



History and Relationships


Life is something that should not be taken for granted, especially the simple things. Once something is taken away, it does not come back. How each even is taken into perspective shapes how we face the difficulties that are thrown our way.

Robinkit was born into a litter of four kits. The firstborn of the litter was a healthy tom named Wrenkit.. Shortly following the brown furred tom was another tom (Thrushkit). At this point the queen was hoping a she-cat would join the mix after the first two kits being toms. When it came time for the third kit, it was a sad moment, another tom that was named Ospreykit. But, just as life was full of sadness, then there was a fourth kit. Robinkit, the little white furred kit, graced the clan with her presence making sure everyone knew she existed with her mewls.

A moon passed and Robinkit found herself loving life. She loved her mother and father, and she absolutely adored her brothers. She especially loved playing with her oldest brother, Wrenkit. He loved to play the rough games, and Robinkit was always joining in. She didn't care if she was smaller than the others she was going go play. Robinkit progressed just like her brothers, but lived up to her being the runt of the litter. She had become quite the active kit, and tended to argue with her mother about anything and everything. 

When Robinkit was a moon and half, her oldest brother became ill. She was so sad because she couldn't play with him and none of the other kits would play as rough with her. But it was hard to stay away from him, especially when they were so close. She soon became sick herself, but unlike her brother Robinkit struggled more. Her small size prevented her from healing quickly and just as she was starting to heal from one another sickness hit her twice as hard. It had gotten to the point where she wasn't expected to make it. Somehow she pulled through, but because of the severity of her sickness she had lost her hearing.

Here she was, less than two moons old and deaf. Sure, she was a white kit with blue eyes, but she had avoided being born deaf like most with that specific coloring. But now she was just another white kit with blue eyes that was deaf. This completely changed her world. She had grown so accustomed to hearing the sounds of the clan that she now felt all alone. The arguing with anyone and everyone had stopped and all she wanted to do was lay beside her mother and cuddle. She didn't want to play, and was just an angry and scared little kit. She completely ignored Wrenkit. She blamed him for all of this and was angry at him, but scared of him at the same time. She was in a silent world, and she now had no idea what to do. 



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Topic Icon Re: Robinkit of SplashClan

Post by Lightheart on Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:57 am


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