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Rain A Loner

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Topic Icon Rain A Loner

Post by Savy on Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:43 pm

Basic Information

Name: Rain 
Age: 26 moons
Gender: She-cat
Clan:  N/A
Rank:  Loner or Rogue
Breed: Scottish Fold

Family Information

Mother: Mocha
Father: Snake
Older Siblings: N/A
Younger Siblings: N/A
Mate: N/A
Crush: N/A
Kits:  N/A
Bloodline: (50% Wild-cat) (50% Kittypet)
Scent: Jasmine

Appearance and Personality Information

Appearance: This loner is best described as a surprisingly well-built she-cat. Underneath her soft pelt, she has very strong muscles, unexpected of a she-cat herself. Her markings consist of patches of white all over her body - the white patches are actually more than half her color. The colored parts of her body are a soft gray covered in a spotted tabby all over. There is a patch of gray spotted tabby over a third of her head, her left shoulder, her right hind ankle, her right hip and her entire tail. She has a pink nose and almost stunningly deep jade eyes.

Personality: The most defining trait about Rain is her loyalty to her family, most especially in her daughter Fawn. She is usually a very kind and gentle she-cat, though her instincts in battle make her sometimes seem like a lethal, heartless killer. She has only shown claws to enemies, though, including foxes, badgers, strange aggressive cats, etc. but would never think of hurting anyone close to her, she values them more than anything else and would go a million miles for them, but she has always been soft-spoken and never spoke from the heart.



History and Relationships

History: Rain was born to a stray mother and a kittypet father, but she and her mother and father lived a happy secret life in her father's backyard. When she was born, it was raining gently, thus her name. Her mother raised her to be a kind and gentle she-cat who could take care of herself in the world they lived in. She learned to hunt and had a natural talent for it.

At about eight moons old, while Mocha was ill with whitecough, and she had to stay in her nest all day long, their secret family was discovered by the twoleg owners of Snake, Rain's father, and when threatened to be chased out of their home, Rain's mother, Mocha, in her family's defense, tried to put up a fight immediately, though the consequences were her and her mother were banished from the area, and Snake was no longer allowed outside, and Mocha was killed from the twoleg's blunt weapons.


Respect: Leaders

Best friend:
Neutral: Ambrosia

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Topic Icon Re: Rain A Loner

Post by Lightheart on Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:45 pm


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