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Topic Icon Willowshine of SplashClan

Post by Savy on Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:55 pm

Name: Willowshine
Past names: Willowpaw, Willowkit
Age: 29 moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Medicine Cat
Mentor: Darkrose
Apprentice: Open

Appearance:Willowshine looks a lot like her mother. She has the same beige colored pelt. Her paws, tail tip, muzzle, and ears are dark dark brown that fade slowly. But her fur isn't as thick and fluffy as her mothers. She has thinner fur that is more stuck to her body. In leafbare she suffers from the cold and doesn't enjoy swimming during then. She is very skinny cat naturally and graceful when she walks. The she-cat had practiced such graceful walking because she felt the need to. Since she is skinny, she is not the strongest cat ever and can be beaten in battle. Though she can find strength in herself if she needs it. Willowshine has only one scar and that is a short clip in her ear from a training session gone wrong. It was an honest mistake when she was practicing a battle move with someone, and she wasn't mad about it. Willowshine has dark blue eyes unlike her mothers' ice blue ones. She gets this from Icefurs' father, and they constantly shine with happiness. 

Personailty: ts hard to find Willowshine in a moment when she is sad, mad, or quiet. She can stay quiet during ceremonies out of respect, but not when cats can talk. She could talk for 4 days if it was possible. Willowshine is always happy, always. Always. No matter what, she just constantly has that happy air around her. She will be sad when a cat dies, but doesn't dwell on the sad death. Because, as she says, "Life can be cut short whenever, so live life to the fullest." Willowshine is only ever mad if someone hurts her family or her clan. You don't want to see her mad. She is an intelligent cat, which helps with her lack of muscles, she can come up with easy ways to quickly tire out a cat in battle. But when she gets extremely angry, all logical thoughts are erased from her mind and she leaves camp and will just kill a poor bush, and that bush can easily be a fish if she catches one. The fish could be torn beyond recognition. The only good thing out of this is that she doesn't kill another cat. The bad thing is that she wastes a fish that could feed a cat from camp. Luckily she isn't easily angered. Willowshine, the troublemaker since she was in the nursery. It would probably be scary for any other cats if she had kits. Those kits would know every way to annoy other cats. Willowshine takes pride in her pranks. Although now that she is a warrior, she just teaches younger cats how to annoy others. She knows how to annoy her siblings and other cats, and constantly does, having fun while doing so. She is a great cat, though very immature for her age.


Her mother is Icefur, a SplashClan she-cat born and raised by SplashClan cats. Her father is Ravenclaw, a SplashClan tom born and raised by RiverClan cats. She had three siblings, Shadowkit and Bearkit. Shadowkit was the brother to ruin her fun when she would get in to trouble with Bearkit. Bearkit was her partner in crime, but he wasn't very smart so she was like the leader of their trouble making schemes. Her father usually was the one to yell at them for getting in to trouble. Her mother would laugh at them and take care of their mess. Until Ravenclaw told her that Willowkit and Bearkit needed to clean it up. She had a fun Kithood. 


Willowpaw and Bearpaw didn't change at all when they became apprentices. They cause trouble still, and Ravenclaw would yell at them and Icefur would giggle. Once they even snuck in to the Medicine Cats' den and got in to a few of the herbs. They where like the Medicine Cats' maids for 7 days. They went with her when she needed to collect herbs. They had to clean up extra herbs that where used when she treated cats. But the two of them joked about it. Willowpaw had gotten in to one border fight, it was short and only because the heat got to every cat and made all the cats cranky and made them look for something to fight about. The fight was short, and she buzzed about it afterwards. Willowpaw was the only cat from that patrol that came home happy and proud of herself. She had bragged to Shadowpaw and Bearpaw about the fight.


Willowpaw was excited along with her brothers to get her warrior name. She received the name Willowshine for her bright and happy personality. That her happy personality was a "shine" on bad times. She didn't really care about why she was named 'shine' just happy to get her name. She was still a little troublemaker to her mother and everyone else though. Willowshine will always be michevious and a troublemaker. She doesn't do any pranks or tricks very much anymore. But she would gladly teach the kits something that involves trouble. She gets yelled at it later for it, but that's alright to her. Willowshine hasn't met her mate and hasn't had an apprentice yet. But she hopes to have an apprentice soon.

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Post by Lightheart on Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:28 pm


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