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Deputy: Ashfur

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News: LightClan now has a deputy and a medicine cat.

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Ashfur of Lightclan

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Topic Icon Ashfur of Lightclan

Post by Wyrd on Wed May 23, 2018 7:12 pm


Ashfur of Lightclan E5b7383baeaab648757e42d820909180--maine-coon-cats-girls

"But things are different tonight" 

Name: Ashfur

Past Names: Ashkit, Ashpaw

Clan: Lightclan

Age: 35 moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Deputy 

Neutral: "I'd hope to be on good terms with everyone here."

Hate: "I tend to reserve my hate for someone truly deserving it, so so far, no one."

Love: "That's a bit private but romantically, no one."

Crush: "Well that really has never gotten anywhere, but I don't have one now"

Mate: "While I've had fleeting crushes, I've never found the time to pursue them as much as I could've"

Respect: "I view Lightstar and the other warriors with great respect as we've gone through life and grown together."

Mentor: --

Apprentice: OPEN

Appearance:  Ashfur has a tall streamlined build, well muscled from moons of training and warrior duties. Her pale green eyes blend in well against the dark grey of her long grey pelt, like lichen covering a cliffside. Seasons of duties have left their mark on her, mainly in the form of scars scattered across her form, most notably one that twists from the base of her right ear to the right corner of her mouth. Alongside it is two fainter lines, the remnants of what had been a brutal hit to the face.

Personality: Ashfur tends to be on the more secretive side of things, not because of many secrets, but because she tends to have trouble opening up to others, having never learned to be emotionally articulate. When she does talk about her feelings though you know that she's being truly sincere. Being raised to put survival first it's become second instinct to her, and she will put the survival of the clan and her friends above anything else, making her steadfastly loyal. Though this is often at the expense of sacrificing something else.

History: Ashfur was born Ash to a pair of rouge parents. They raised their only daughter sternly, more concerned with keeping her strong than raising her up gently. So Ash grew into a strong cat, with a more grey sense of morality than most. Throughout her life though she always felt a deep-seated longing for something more, a purpose asides from just surviving. When she encountered Light she decided to stick with him and eventually became his deputy, naming herself Ashfur.

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Topic Icon Re: Ashfur of Lightclan

Post by Lightheart on Wed May 23, 2018 7:16 pm


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